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Girls CrimeClub Chapter3

The kidnapping

Jill typed just right now the protocol of a testimony, when her mind hike back into past unexpectedly and saw her self in the role of the exanimated person. In that examination in those days it wasn’t the police, who asked the questions, but that they found out only later.
The uniforms, the strictly questioning and than these absurdly allegations had made her nervous and confused. It had found out as a misunderstanding at least.

She tried again to concentrate on her notice and smiled happily, when she thought about the smart police Lieutenant, for whom she performed protocol. Sometimes and in special cases only. She admired him longer and was very proud to could helping out in his work area for little errands, administration or typing. Since yet she was to shy to meet him private/ personally and languished to him from a distance. Now she was on cloud nine. He wasn’t very tall but well built. That didn´t means that he looks like a little “Rambo”. On the contrary he was slim and fine slight. His hair had a golden-red color, his bright blue eyes let her heart bits higher and his gently smile could bring her out of concept.

Startled she realizes the line full of “Gs” when she woke up from her daydream and holding the key for “G” to long. She clear fast all of them except one and look around stealthy. She sat in a small glazed place, who only were space for a little squared table, a printer nearby and a chair in front, directly placed at the glass wall, through that she could see the busy floor. But nobody was watching her. Behind her on the other side there was a black leather couch. She wrote the last sentence already and took a look critical above. That protocol should be for an ongoing procedure in court from a finished determination. It was a testimony from a bank clerk, who was present in a robbery. Her text was short and curtly written, only with facts and without any flourish. Because she didn’t find beauty- or grammar faults, she printed the protocol. She just wants to take a map, when she found a little notice on a neon bright paper. She didn’t notice that someone brought it or left it next to her and she was sure that it wasn’t there at the beginning. “Post it” you call it in new modern bureau language.

Mrs. Sanders, was written on it, her name and more:

I need you as a neutral accompaniment by a short observation in a café, meeting point nearby car park, floor minus 1 at the elevator, soon at 11:00 o clock, if your time permits it

The signature let her heart bits higher and her hands vibrated. It was the signature from her beloved Lieutenant. She wanted absolutely being useful for him and of course on call especially it sounded more like a date. She packed up fast her things, grabbed the printout and went away immediately, without proving the authenticity from this message. She gave the protocol the guardsman at the reception and nearly jogged into the nearby less used car park. It keeps to a barrack that once was a store but for demolition was no money. She could not wait to meet him soon alone and to help him with his work or even their first date. She took excited the stairs down and her heels clattered loud in the quiet staircase.

In the police station and on the street there was a busy bustle and now she found herself in a silent park floor. She still smiled and wetted her lips with the tip of her tongue. Before she could realize, that something was wrong, somebody had come up behind her and had pressed a chloroform-soaked rag above her nose and mouth. “Fine and over time Honey”, she heard already a buzzing male voice silent whisper and than she loose her consciousness.

In actual fact she was expected soon at her workplace in a law firm, where she worked as a reception secretary.

A vague melody humming Lieutenant Jack Fontaine came with two cups full of coffee in his hands to the glassy through room, where he expected actually the graceful assistant and paused. Didn´t she been here recently for writing the protocol? After he accompanied the young bank clerk to the entry, he drove into the top floor to get the coffee. Okay, he would been stopped second times and got involved into discussions, but it kept not so long – didn´t it?! He entered the photo lab across the floor, where an employee wearing a lab coat bent his self about an old filmstrip. “Oh, you shouldn´t have to invite me to a coffee”, he was welcomed by him with a side glance and a cheeky smile. Jack only smiled back and handed over to him the second coffee. “Actually I am searching for the Lady, who worked across the floor? Do you saw her?” he wanted to know from him. “I am sorry, I didn´t remark what’s happened to the nice lady. I only noticed that she may was suddenly in hurry to leave – I heard her steps”, the strong built lab assistant explained. He may train obviously often in a fitness center and the unnatural brown color at his skin, which clearly contrasted to his white lab coat, he got from studio sun. “Great, thanks”, Jack replied, cheered at him with the coffee cup and returned to the empty glass room.

Lost in thought he closed the laptop and took of the cables, while he drank the coffee. That machine belonged to his department and he planed to bring it back to the office. He looked carefully around but she didn’t left something, apart from this small lightened sticky note. He better took it of from the desk and put it on the top from the computer. Her name was written on it and she may needed it after all, but the message for it self he didn’t read, because it could was something private. Just then his telephone rang and he got the order to come to his next case. He brought the laptop back in his office and left the building. The lovely assistant may surely had gone back to her normally workplace”, he said to his self. So he didn’t worry about it anymore …

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Girls CrimeClub Chapter2

Club of the female criminalist

They were a very different mixed colorful group of ladies. There was the enchanting mittforty double mother Laura with temperament and wild curls. She was the one, who got the young girls in those days together under the hat of a theater group. The sensational athletic and really attractive blonde Mirja, keep them all in motion. Looking after backgrounds and searches was the job from Doris, very careful, sensual, and sometimes less serious. Even cooler, if not to say, negligent and lascivious take the sloppy girl from that group Tia, it less seriously, but in important moments you could reliance on her. The more deeply, intensive with ironic, with much ideas and sense for clearing riddles: Secretary Jill.

“Club of the female criminalist” shall be originally at their beginning the name of the group, when they found together and would liked acting together. They were a young theater group and wanted to stay together stay on stage with their performance, when they found out, that they have the same special liking for crimes. They loved to play and perform crime comedy. Although there were on or two boys with them, they were to shy to take on supporting roles. So the girls played the male roles too. Jill, the creative head from the group, had the idea to write their own theater play for them, that’s fitted for them only with female main roles: The club of the female criminalist, who’s solved criminal cases and help the police.

Jill worked at the same time as a female night porter in a hotel and had some quiet hours, in them she could write. So she began to write and after some funny sides, she gave it to read the accountant. But after he red the lines, he misunderstood it completely, and thought she would plan what she wrote: namely a kidnapping. The suspicion gets harder, when he missed the director of the hotel the next day. He incited the police on her, who’s turned out as private security. But now she was in trouble and only her friends could help her. Now they got the mysterious reality and their own first case to clear. The self-made inspector called them derogative “girls crime club” and since they worked with him often it became their name. Because finally he ensures that they became famous and notorious.

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Girls CrimeClub Chapter1


“It was late yesterday evening when I wanted to closed the fitness studio, but there was still a club member in the rooms. An elder man who was acting curious and suspiciously”, Mirja spokes imploringly and bent herself closer to the group of Ladies, with whom she sat together. They huddle together and listen attentively. “Every time he seams to be escape or as if he would like to hide his self, looking around often, traveling alone and joined any group. He parried every talk or conversation. Yesterday he waits carefully that there were nobody expect of me there and wile into the sauna …” She made a break and took a big mouthful wine.

“He may plan a dirty act?!” the dark haired Doris guessed cheeky. “Or he simply was shy?” Laura, the brown haired curly head throw in. “Definite gay”, utters the colorful of the round. “Nonsense, it exist special saunas for that?!” Laura contradicted. Mirja cleared her throat annoyed. “Girls, quiet please! Indeed we sat in a pub, but you mess the tension of my story …” she grumbled. “Go on with your report”, invited the red haired Jill expectantly. ”Okay, Mr. X, the man, who never gave out his name and to signed in with “Max Musterman” or shall I call him Smidy sneaky, were only short in sauna and shower rooms, hide and closed off very carefully his things, which he had with him, had just changed his clothes, when I went to ask, if he could leave with me the studio. Because it was right after our open time and I would like went home. Expect the changing Rooms, I locked every room and switched the lights there of, when he flitted outside wearing a hoodie, and the cowl hidden his face, his backpack closed pressed by himself he passed on by me. That wouldn’t be unusual for a young athlete, but shortly before he came into the studio wearing suit and tie. That seamed to me so curious that I hurried to shut the door and followed him. I thought about many reasons and imagine spectacular backgrounds!” Again she made a break and took a deep mouthful wine as if she need drank for courage. The “Girls” throw covertly glances to each other and Jill warned with a stern look and head shaking to don’t disturb Mirja`s report.

But they had listen so excited her words and wanted now to know, what’s going on. It sounded as if an adventure description were following. Mirja lean her self forward at the table and laid her arms over cross on it. “He picked up an old bicycle from a dark corner, threw his backpack over his shoulder on his back and sprang on his bike. Than, like a hurricane, he drove zigzagging through the old town. He looked like a young rascal, who went home too late. I stayed closely behind him on the run, good that I was trained. Yet I wanted to know exactly, what was the matter of his behavior.” The other women nodded, they too.

“On his way along the river he suddenly break about embankment downward, rolling breakneck – so it seamed, I can tell you. I saw myself in imagination rescuing him out of the dark dirty water and revival. But than he disappeared under a small bridge, I saw his shadow springing up from bike, it fall against the trash full wall with a dulled noise and he flitted on the other side up back to street. I was very astonished about that, because I never would trust it to him. Like a shadow he disappeared through the little alley in one of the house nearby. I was so closely behind him and don’t wanted to loose him, that I follow him in the house. I heard steps and a creaked door, sprang down the stairs and fall through the door in a dark flat, where usually shall be a cellar.”

They all collect scared the air. In which mess trouble their friend got into this time?
“The door felt shut behind me and I stand in absolutely darkness in an unfamiliar flat. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my eyes; I just heard a chug behind me and felt when something was pushed in my back.”

They were interrupted by the waiter, who came in the covered corner to ask, what they would like to drink. They jerk synchronous. They nearly waved their empty glasses about the table, when he could catch them. He waited patiently until they calm down again.

He know that group Ladies already, they met here often and talked and discussed very intensive. He was longing to know which themes they worked out. His name was Thomas, but every body call him only Thommy-Boy. He studied economics and worked here next to his study. Here in the bar, with the tune full name “Lotter-Bar” he worked since High School. His eyes switched from one woman to another until he stopped at the beautiful blonde one, which he liked at most. It was quiet at the table and the otherwise so eloquently Ladies were speak less now. “Thanks, we need nothing in the moment. We will gave a sign, when it changed”, said Mirja with an innocent eyelash strum. With shoulder shrugs he leaved them alone again.

“Now! I was standing there, raised instinctive my hands in the air, even though it was not seen and gulped heavy. What do you want: Money or Live – asked me a heavily breathing voice? That irritated me and I answered: Would like to stay alive, but when you wanted to give me money, I won´t say: No. But he interrupted me again and wanted to know, why she followed him. He seamed to me so scared, I explained, that I was afraid something could happened to him and as his guard I follow him. That was the first, what coming in my head.

“Until into the flat?” he prompted understandable mistrustful and so I had stumbling saying the true, that this action was very random and aimless. “Please don’t shoot”, I beg. Whereupon he grumbled, that his umbrella did not have this function. He switched the light on and laid his umbrella by side. While he dried his wet face and pulled his sweater over his head, he wanted to know, if I am searching for a job as a guardian. Under the sweater he still wore his bureau shirt. “I know you meant it well with me”, he mumbled. By a beer he told me, that he worked as an investment banker and since the finance crisis he suffered from paranoia. He was very impressed that I could follow him so easily. With that Mirja´s report ended for the first time.

“Actually I was very afraid that something very terrible could happen to you”, said Laura. “It could went wrong”, objected Tia cool. “We said: No single transition”, remembered Jill them. “And what was the result? Is it a new case for us? Is it a reasoned paranoia?” Doris wanted to know wishful. “For all precipitation now a little boozes!” comes from Thomas, who turned back silently, with full glasses on a tray. “Its on me, can I join your club?” he asked cheekily.
In fact he could not stay longer at their table because shortly after he served the drinks, a group comes in and called for him.

“Okay no, I will tell you my news …” Doris keep on talking. She wore short black leather clothes and a smart short hair cut with black hair. While that evening every Lady reported, what happen to them relating of their common hobby.

Die Krimitanten

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